As a banking leader with nearly 200 years of history we are closely involved in the prosperity of our country and its inhabitants. We see the future Slovakia as a modern, successful, and environmentally friendly country. With a growing economy and more jobs. With an improving business environment, school, and health system. With financially literate young people and a sustainable pensions system. We are Slovenská sporiteľňa and we are helping our country create a future that we can all look forward to.

The future is yours. Slovenská sporiteľňa

Public commitments of Slovenská sporiteľňa for 2025


A third of elementary and high school students will complete FinQ, the financial education program.

We believe that financially literate young people are necessary if Slovakia is to have a successful future. Thanks to FiinQ, the certified program of the Foundation of Slovenská sporiteľňa, we will teach them to make the right financial decisions which can make their lives better. After two years of the pilot program, we are now going live in additional elementary and high schools. We would like to see a participation rate of at least a third of all students and 15 thousand teachers in a period of 5 years.


We will provide accessible accommodation for people in need.

We believe that by means of providing accommodation we can make a positive and measurable contribution when it comes to the future of socially disadvantaged people and their families. Everyone needs an accessible and decent accommodation to get and maintain a job, to have a chance to study, and to create financial stability. That is why we will purchase around 400 apartments for a thousand people. This initiative will be conducted in cooperation with the organisation Dostupný Domov (Accessible Housing).


We continue creating useful outdoor space. 

We believe that green areas in the forests and cities are essential for a good public health, climate sustainability and preservation of the natural character and beauty of our country for future generations. We got rid of billboards and are supporting useful green outdoor areas instead. After having planted the Water forest in the High Tatras, we will plant an additional hundreds of thousands of trees all over Slovakia. Not only the employees of Slovenská sporiteľňa will participate, the public will also get a chance to join.

After three years, Slovenská sporiteľňa has a new brand positioning and claim with a unified message: THE FUTURE IS YOURS (BUDÚCNOSŤ JE VAŠA). It is launching it with a new creative concept based on looking forward to the future. The first campaign starts with the inspiring story of a heroine with an unexpectedly optimistic view of the future. Slovenská sporiteľňa is supporting the brand’s new direction with specific public commitments related to financial education, social housing, and useful outdoor facilities, through which it aims to contribute to a better future for Slovakia.

The creative concept aims to promote a more cultivated media space and generate authentic positive emotions. Interim testing of the long-term concept indicates that the creative concept has a powerful and lasting emotional effect and strong brand association. Slovenská sporiteľňa aims to develop the topic of a positive future in the financial advice it provides and across its full range of products and services.

I am delighted that in eight months, we have succeeded in creating a bold and humane concept that strengthens the leadership position of the Slovenská sporiteľňa brand. While designing it, we drew on a wide range of data and surveys, and theories of behavioral economics. One of our important findings was that self-confidence and optimism directly support the prosperity of the individual and society as a whole. This insight helped us build seamlessly upon the communication capital established by the successful #believeinyourself concept. What is new is the orientation towards the future and the strong positive emotional differentiation. We want to promote optimism and enjoyment of life without regard for the problems that life and the times often bring,” Dáša Juríková, Head of Brand HUB at Slovenská sporiteľňa said.   

“We wanted a big “cinematic” launch for the new communication strategy, and I think that we have achieved that. We tell a story that fills a 90-second television advert. That by itself is something big. In that time, we tell the story of a whole life including death, which is quite unusual. That is what gives this video so much strength. The cinematography is also on a higher level. The director is Laurence Dunmore, who has made legendary campaigns for several world brands. It is well-paired with the unique and beautiful campaign that we have created together with him for Slovenská sporiteľňa,” said Ondrej Kořínek, creative director of Zaraguza.

The campaign will run across all media types with a special emphasis on digital. With online video platforms, we use all their possibilities for targeting and sequencing videos of various lengths to present a complete storytelling campaign.

The media formats are linked to brand direction and product solutions for a better future via the project microsite


Client: Slovenská sporiteľňa
Agency: Zaraguza
Creative Director: Ondrej Kořínek
Unit Creative Director: Martin Ondrušek, Milan Malý
Art Director: Martin Ondrušek
Graphic Designer: Andrej Nemček, Gabriela Kožiaková, Kristína Svoradová, Richard Novák
Copywriter: Ondrej Kořínek, Eva Myjavcová, Karin Horňáčková, Matej Sekerka
Account Director: Marek Kabát
Account Team Leader: Jaroslava Huljaková
Account Manager: Ivana Fertáľová, Dominika Drusanová, Klára Kolenová
Strategy: Pavol Minár, Miroslav Ondovčík
Social Media: Nela Pazderková, Lucia Peterková
Production: Bistro Films
Director: Laurence Dunmore