We have recorded cases of calls from spoofed telephone numbers that look like Slovenská sporiteľňa's numbers. The caller introduces himself/herself as a bank employee and, under the pretext of verifying a suspicious payment, granting a loan, etc., tries to lure sensitive data from clients. It can be e.g. payment card details, electronic banking login details or codes from SMS messages. The aim of fraudsters is to use this data to transfer money from your account to their account or to make an online purchase using your account or card information.

We would like to inform you that the bank will never ask you for sensitive information by phone or e-mail.

If you receive such a call, we recommend that you terminate it and avoid providing any information. If you have already provided your information, please let us know as soon as possible on the Client Center hotline on 0850 111 888. We will do everything we can to prevent unauthorized payments.