Even in times of global coronavirus pandemic there are scammers who are making every effort to take advantage of the situation. Slovenská sporiteľňa warns its clients that they should watch out for scam emails which are used by scammers to obtain login passwords for electronic banking. These scammers have also created a false webpage resembling the original login page for George, electronic banking of Slovenská sporiteľňa. We would therefore like to ask clients to be careful and avoid clicking on links in suspicious emails. The bank never requests information on accounts, telephone numbers, login data, passwords for electronic banking and payment cards.   

It may seem that the scam email is sent by Slovenská sporiteľňa or George but after inspecting the email closely, it becomes clear that it’s a false email address. The subject of the email is “Platba vratena (payment rejected)”. The email is in Slovak language and it asks the client to click on the link and enter confidential data. We recommend deleting this email (without opening it). The email address of the sender or the subject of the email may change. Scam emails also include a link to a false webpage which resembles the login page of George. However, when looking at the address bar, it’s clear that it’s a scam.

The bank is actively monitoring all scam attempts and in case it identifies suspicious activities, it undertakes steps for damage prevention.

Examples of a scam emails:

How to defend yourself

  • Do not fill out any payment card data; do not enter any SMS codes to activate your account etc. Our bank never requests information on accounts, telephone numbers, login data, passwords for electronic banking and payment cards.
  • Do not click on links in emails which seem suspicious or you don’t trust them. Use only the bank’s official web page to log in or use the address https://george.slsp.sk.
  • Always check whether the security symbol - lock icon is displayed in the address bar of the web page and also check the https protocol and the address. By clicking on the lock icon you will display the security certificate with information as to for whom the certificate has been issued. If you see loign.slsp.sk, you may proceed, it’s a secure connection. In case the lock icon is missing or the certificate is issued for another address, do not log in. You are at a false web page and it is strongly advised not to fill out any information or enter any data.    
  • If you have any doubts, do not enter any personal data such as login name and password on the web page
  • If you already filled out any data, please contact the Client centre. The attackers may misuse your e-banking login name and password to execute transactions.
  • If you identify suspicious transactions, contact the bank immediately via the Client centre at 0850 111 888 (from abroad +421 2 58 26 81 11), 0915 111 888 (from abroad +421 915 111 888), 0910 111 888 (from abroad +421 910 111 888). 

For more information, click on https://www.slsp.sk/en/personal/safety

An example of a scam webpage: