More than 250 thousand Slovaks are using George – the new smart banking inspired by social media experience - to manage their personal funds. Three thirds confirmed in the survey that this new digital platform is at least as good as the original internetbanking, or even better. Clients are also making George better – the bank regularly updates the mobile application George Go based on their recommendations.

Clients are gradually switching to George and executed more than 2.5 million payment orders in the amount of EUR 1 billion in the first four months. Currently, almost four out of ten electronic payments are executed via George in SLSP. Mr. Miroslav holds a record in this regard; he already logged in to George more than 1,600 times. The intuitive searching similar to Google has also become quite popular. In the first months, the most searched keywords were “lease”, “last month”, “tax” or names of telecommunication operators and insurance companies.

“The mobile application George Go is currently the most downloaded bank application in Slovakia. What is more, iPhone users are rating the application considerably better when compared with the average rating for applications from other banks. It’s a signal for me that our approach of constant improvement and development of the digital platform is the right one. We will continue to make every effort to be an intuitive bank for the client, a bank that is a joy to bank with,” said Zdeňek Románek, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for retail banking in Slovenská sporiteľňa.

What is George?

George makes it possible to manage your family funds in the online environment. Compared with its predecessor, it’s more modern, simpler, easier to navigate and manage funds and it’s user-friendly for all generations. George is also a digital platform which will be used to introduce new services and improvements. Slovenská sporiteľňa is also launching the mobile application George Go which will replace the previous application Accounts and Payments. In the new George, clients will use just one application and everything is a few clicks away. All Erste Group (Slovenská sporiteľňa is member of Erste Group) clients will be able to use the new digital platform George in the future. This means almost 16 million clients in 7 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. George is currently used by more than 2 million people mainly in Austria and also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What are the benefits of George?

  • George is transparent – all your financials may be viewed at one glance. After logging in, you will see your cards, loans or savings accounts displayed in a user-friendly manner and differentiated by colour. George is responsive and is simple to use on your computer or tablet. 
  • George is simple – he will help you create a directory of your payments and as a result, you will have no trouble finding the one you need. Instead of many numbers, you will see names and entering of payments is much more simple and transparent. 
  • George searches – searching in George is pretty simple and similar to searching on the web or Google. You just need to enter into the search box an amount, payment beneficiary or a specific word entered as part of payment detail.
  • George is personal – banking is more fun and colourful. With George, you will be able to personalise your banking, add pictures to your accounts, change colours or background and move individual items. Each person is unique and so is your George. 
  • George helps – he offers interactive instructions which may be viewed anytime. He’s your guide, will gladly explain and demonstrate everything you need. You just need to click on the question mark in the lower right corner of the screen and the instructions will be displayed.

Why did we name the banking George?

We were inspired by the interesting story of Lawrence Sperry, who invented the first autopilot 100 years ago and named it George. The expression "Leave it to George" became part of aviatic vernacular. Therefore, George is something like an autopilot which will guide you safely through electronic banking. From now on, you will have a better overview of your finances.

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