The selection process for a new advertising agency for the largest Slovak bank brought unexpected results. Instead of one decisive winner, Slovenská sporiteľňa chose to cooperate with two agencies, which will work together on the creation of its marketing communication starting in May. The winning agencies of the selection process became Jung von Matt/DONAU and Zaraguza.

“Although we didn’t expect the selection process that took over two months to end this way, we are very satisfied with the result. We chose to combine Jung von Matt’s experience with brand communication and management of Erste brand with Zaraguza’s excellent creative qualities and knowledge of domestic environment. To put it simply, we picked cherries from the cake,” said Juraj Barta, head of the division Digital & Marketing of Slovenská sporiteľňa. 

Jung von Matt/DONAU has been working for Erste Group in Austria since 2013. As the brand agency in Slovakia it will set the tone of strategic communication of the brand of Slovenská sporiteľňa. “We’re excited and honoured to be chosen by SLSP to lead their brand into a new age of communication. We feel that these days a bank won’t be relevant because of excellent products only but because of being a partner at eye-level for every customer. To show this message wrapped in outstanding creative ideas - that’s our goal for SLSP,” said Martin Radjaby-Rasset, managing director of Jung von Matt/DONAU. 

Zaraguza will be the bank’s creative agency, responsible for the strategy, proposals and execution of its campaigns, including the digital in a 360-degree scope. “We have been cooperating with the bank sector since our beginnings. Therefore, working for the largest bank in Slovakia as a full-service advertising agency is both honour for us and a proof of our effort to focus mainly on long-term partnerships with our clients. I’m convinced that Zaraguza will help Slovenská sporiteľňa achieve its ambitious goals and that our collaboration will be a long-lasting and fruitful one,” said Martin Blaško, the CEO of Zaraguza.

After fifteen years, the collaboration between Slovenská sporiteľňa and the agency Creo / Young & Rubicam, whose thumbprint is still visible on the new advertising campaign on consumer loans starting on 01 May, is thus coming to an end. “Creo deserves a big thanks as we did a great job together over those years,” says Barta. “There are new challenges in front of us. We are looking forward to them and believe that we will bring the brand and communication of Slovenská sporiteľňa to a new level.”