Free account guarantee, loan assistance
and a million euros to fight infection


Free account guarantee, loan assistance
and a million euros to fight infection

We are aware of the difficult situation and we are on the side of our clients and employees.

We see it as our duty to ease our clients’ burden at a time when they need to dip into their savings and cannot create new deposits or repay loans. As a responsible leader and the largest bank in Slovakia, we recognise the ties that unite us and we want to help to mitigate the consequences of the unprecedented situation affecting our people and all our country.

We are standing by our clients  overcome this difficult situation; we are helping our clients in the following ways:

Free accounts and fee discounts guaranteed for six months

Everyone who satisfied the conditions for a free account or a half-price discount in February 2020 will be guaranteed their discount for the next six months. Likewise, clients who do not have sufficient funds for savings or investments after making loan payments will not lose favourable interest rates under the programme Better interest.

A million euros for the fight against infection from the Slovenská sporiteľňa Foundation and the bank.

The Slovenská sporiteľňa Foundation has also decided to help, by setting up a fund with the bank that will dedicate over one million euros for the fight against the pandemic. This money will be used for a specific purpose that will be agreed with the Central Task Force of the Slovak Republic.

Mortgages and loans

Is the current situation making things difficult for you, do you want to repay your loan early or pay an extra instalment? You don’t need to go anywhere, you can comfortably do it online from home (SK version only).

Loans and mortgages can be arranged online.

Assistance for companies and entrepreneurs

Is the current situation making things difficult for you, do you want to repay your loan early or pay an extra instalment?

We recommend taking advantage of electronic banking and our new Business24 mobile application for all types of payments with fine-grained control of signing rules, authorisation of transactions prepared by your accountant and many other benefits.

Manage your banking with George – people can use their computer or the mobile app to handle

Beware of fraudulent emails and fake websites – we are receiving reports of fraudulent e-mails designed to help criminals to steal clients’ electronic banking passwords.

You can install George via

Current information on branches        

Starting 21 May 2020, opening hours of our branches are in the standard mode. The opening hours on Sundays in shopping centers is depending on the opening hours of the shopping mall. This means that they will be available to clients at the same times as before the corona virus crisis restrictions. At the same time, we are doing our maximum to protect the health of our employees and clients.

All branches are regularly disinfected and supplied with disinfectants and face masks to advisors. At the same time, the Bank installed 850 protective plexiglas that reduce the risk of corona virus transmission, and plans to increase the number of it in the near future.

Safe banking principles in branches:

  • please, wear masks (or another means of covering your mouth and nose),
  • enter one at a time and keep a safety distance of 2 meters from other people while waiting in line in front of the branch, 
  • we prefer to serve the clients over the age of 65 and more during our opening hours.

The latest, continually updated information on opening hours can be found here

Deposit ATMs for cash operations – people, companies and entrepreneurs can use these machines for withdrawals and for deposits of cash and takings. Slovenská sporiteľňa has the largest ATM network in Slovakia and all ATMS are regularly stocked with cash.

Learn more about our deposit ATMs

Cash withdrawals over EUR 5,000 – if you need to withdraw more than EUR 5,000, notify the branch of your choice in advance from the comfort of your home using our electronic form.

Our colleagues from the selected branch will contact you as soon as possible for confirmation during our reduced opening hours.

Google Pay, Apple Pay, FitBit, GarminPay

Safe contactless payments – when paying we recommend using a contactless payments instead of cards. You can use a card, your phone or smartwatch. When making a contactless payment, the card never leaves the owner’s hand so there will be no transmission of viruses or bacteria. The same applies if you pay with your phone or your watch. Contactless payments are now recommended by the World Health Organisation Mobile payment apps are free to install.

Use our call centre to get advice and solve problems  if you need advice, contact the bank’s call centre. Our advisors can help answer your questions remotely, and you can also use your phone to order payments and other transactions (contacts: *0900, 0850 111 888, from abroad: +421 2 58 26 81 11). Our customer helpline is free of charge.


Current situation in mutual funds

There have been sharp falls in the value of mutual funds as a result of the current situation. There is no reason to withdraw your investments though. Such hasty action would only make the loss permanent. It is necessary to wait for the situation to stabilise and then your investments will start growing again as they did in the past. 

Questions and answers        

We have compiled a list of the most common questions about safe banking and their answers.