Interest rate swap – IRS trades


  • exchange of fixed and floating interest rates
  • interest rates development overview

IRS trade

  • Interest rate swap “IRS” will provide you with the possibility for the exchange of fixed and floating interest rates
  • You will therefore hedge against an expected increase or decrease in interest rates
  • It may include payments related to certain obligations (liability swap) or yield (asset swap)
  • Liability swap – as a client, you may draw a loan where you are afraid of an interest rate increase. You will conclude a swap agreement with the bank, which obliges the bank to pay you a fixed rate and you will undertake the obligation to pay a floating rate
  • You have a permanent overview of the development of interest rates
  • To obtain the product you have to meet the following conditions:
    • Minimum trading volume of €25,000.00
    • Signed contractual documentation
  • We can conclude it in major global or regional currencies

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