Loan secured by the state guarantee –
SIH Anti-Corona Guarantee 2

State-guaranteed loan for mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for micro-enterprises, small, medium-sized and large enterprises
The loan is intended for providing liquidity in the critical period of business

  • for financing operating needs or renewal investments of up to €2 million
  • favourable interest rate
  • possibility to defer principal and interest payments for 12 months
Important numbers

Maximum loan amount

€2 mil. up to €500 000
for micro-enterprises


2 to 6 years, including deferral of principal and interest repayments for 12 months

Maximum interest rate

1,9 % p. a. up to 3.9 % p. a.
for micro-enterprises

Purpose and conditions of the Instalment Loan secured by the state guarantee – SIH Anti-Corona Guarantee 2

  • micro-enterprises, small, medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises may apply for the loan;
  • regardless of their legal form, incorporated before 12 March 2020, and regardless of whether they achieve a profit, e.g. also non-profit organisations providing community services, civic associations, associations of citizens and foundations that carry on economic activity consisting in the offer of goods and/or services on the market;
  • enterprises that do not qualify for financing include, for example, enterprises that may be considered a “company in difficulty” before the pandemic, or that have liabilities toward the Social Insurance Agency or a health insurance company more than 90 days past due,
  • for covering operating costs (including tax, customs and levy liabilities) or renewal investments in long-term tangible assets to replace or maintain the enterprise’s existing tangible assets;
  • during the drawing and repayment of the loan, it is not possible to pay out profit shares, pay out intra-group loans or provide loans. Likewise, it is also prohibited to pay down other loans without a proportional reduction of this loan;
  • the fee for the SIH Guarantee may be waived following fulfilment of the condition of maintaining employment and the level of liabilities toward the Social Insurance Agency or health insurance company according to the conditions in the period of 12 months from drawing the loan;
  • no bank fees for processing or early repayment of the loan;
  • you can apply for a loan at regional business centres or bank branch and the loan agreement must be signed by 30 December 2020.

Loans are secured by the guarantee in the framework of the financial instrument SIH Anti-Corona Guarantee 2a.

Loans are secured by the guarantee in the framework of the financial instrument SIH Anti-Corona Guarantee 2b.

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