Loan secured by the state guarantee – EXIMBANKA SR Anti-Corona Guarantee

Loan for providing liquidity for small, medium-sized or large enterprises in connection with mitigating the negative consequences of the pandemic. The loan is intended for providing liquidity in the critical period of business

  • for financing operating needs or  renewal investments from €2 mil.  to  €20  mil.
  • for small, medium-sized and  large enterprises (but not micro-enterprises)
  • favourable interest rate in the  maximum amount of 1.9%  p.a.
  • possibility to  defer principal and interest repayments for 12 months
Key numbers

Maximum loan amount

€2 mil.
to €20 mil.


2 to 6 years, including deferral of principal and interest repayments for 12 months

Maximum interest rate

1,9 % p. a.

Purpose and conditions of the Instalment Loan guaranteed by the state guarantee – EXIMBANKA SR Anti-Corona Guarantee

  • small, medium-sized and large enterprises (but not micro-enterprises) can apply for the loan, i.e. enterprises having more than 10 employees, an annual balance sheet and/or annual turnover above €2 million, regardless of their legal form, method of financing or region of Slovakia;
  • enterprises that do not qualify for financing include, for example, enterprises that may be considered a “company in difficulty” before the pandemic, or that have liabilities toward the Social Insurance Agency or a health insurance company more than 90 days past due;
  • for covering operating costs (including tax, customs and levy liabilities) or renewal investments in long-term tangible assets to replace or maintain the enterprise’s existing tangible assets;
  • during the drawing and repayment of the loan, it is not possible to pay out profit shares, pay out intra-group loans or provide loans. Likewise, it is also prohibited to pay down other loans without a proportional reduction of this loan;
  • the fee for the EXIMBANKA SR Guarantee may be waived following fulfilment of the condition of maintaining employment and the level of liabilities toward the Social Insurance Agency or a health insurance company according to the conditions in the period of 12 months from drawing the loan;
  • no bank fees for processing, increasing or early repayment of the loan;
  • you can apply for a loan at regional business centres and the loan agreement must be signed by 30 December 2020.

Loans are secured by a guarantee in the framework of the EXIMBANKA SR Anti-Corona Guarantee financial instrument

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