Loan from the EBRD credit line to support energy efficiency in apartment houses

Invest in the reduction of the energy intensity of your apartment house

  • loan for apartment buildings managed by building management companies or the association of owners of residential and non-residential premises in support of energy efficiency projects
  • payment of a grant after a successful project realisation
  • technical assistance free of charge

Purpose, conditions and advantages of the loan from the EBRD credit line – SLOVSEFF III program

  • it serves to support energy efficiency projects in apartment houses,
  • is intended for owners of flats and non-residential premises in the administration of housing managers and associations of owners of flats and non-residential premises (SVB),
  • the maximum loan amount per project is €850,000, or €2.5 million per client,
  • the requested minimum level of energy savings must reach 30%,
  • we will pay you a grant of 10% or 15% of the loan amount after a successful project realisation,
  • the grant can also be used for the early payment of this loan,
  • we will provide you with technical assistance free of charge – we will develop an energy audit for you,
  • You cannot finance the following from the loan:
    • investment in new buildings already meeting new the energy efficiency standards,
  • we do not provide a loan for projects for which you used another EU subsidy.