Tool for transaction authorization

  • easy to use
  • issue fee only €2
  • contain codes which you will use to log into Internetbanking George after a request

How to use your GRID Card

  • The 6x6 Grid card contains 4-number decimal numbers (certification codes) in 36 positions
  • Certification codes of the GRID card are unique and there are no codes with the same numbers
  • When authorizing a transaction, the system will request you to add a code, which you will find by a coordinate (e.g. A2) at the place where the row meets the line (in this case the line A with the row 2)
  • Enter the code when requested in Internetbanking and the system verifies it
  • When entering the certification code you will only see the characters •••• instead of the actual numbers. This is for security reasons
  • If you enter an incorrect code the system will ask for the grid position to be entered again
  • If you enter an incorrect code three times in a row, verification will be halted for a period of time due to security reasons