A win-win solution for buyers and suppliers

What is ErsteConfirming

For many corporate clients, the issue of optimising working capital has moved to the top of the agenda. Safeguarding sufficient liquidity headroom, improving financial results and securing a stable supply chain are central concerns for customers and their suppliers.

There is, however, a "natural" conflict of interest between customers and suppliers regarding the agreement of payment terms. Suppliers seek to be paid as early as possible, while customers wish to pay as late as possible. ErsteConfirming helps to solve this conflict – to the advantage of both partners.

ErsteConfirming is an easy-to-use, fully automated payment transaction product for confirmed and as yet outstanding invoices. It provides the option of advancing these invoices prior to due date – against a corresponding discount on the invoiced amount.



  • A quick, easy, and flexible financing system
  • Improvement of liquidity and financial ratios
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Lower financing costs
  • Credit risk insurance


  • Safer supplier base and supply chain stability, improved supplier relations
  • Better negotiation position with respect to the supplier
  • Option of extending payment terms
  • Positive effect on key financial indicators and rating
  • Simplified payment management



We would be pleased to advise you further on ErsteConfirming and to provide you with information on prerequisites and terms.

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