How to make communication with bank easier and automatic?

If you have activated one of the SLSP Plc. electronic banking services (Business 24 or MultiCash) you have many options to eliminate manual operations while managing your account and to speed up and simplify payment orders processing as well as your account management.

• electronic account statement delivery through electronic banking services o various formats - PDF, an exact copy of a paper statement or data formats ready to be imported into your accounting system with no need to manually retype the paper statement data o XML statement in camt.053 format - electronic statement implemented during transferring onto SEPA which meets all unified national XML statement format criteria (details at o through all electronic banking channels or emailed

• payment orders import o every SLSP Plc. electronic banking service allows to comfortably import payment orders in data formats o for importing payment orders it is recommended to use XML format data that have been implemented as a standard with the transfer to SEPA

• multiple payment order processing o in our electronic banking services we also enable you to send multiple payment orders through one file, which shall be sent electronically straight to the bank

• during transition period we provide our clients with free conversion of data formats, that had been used before transition to SEPA, into SEPA formats. The conversion will be being realized until the end of the transition period on 1.2.2016

• the integration of electronic banking services straight into your systems - Databanking