Does the new payment system offer any benefits to my company?

  • Extending your domestic payments to all SEPA countries resulting in lower financial transaction costs
  • The receiver will receive the payment at full amount
  • Speeded-up payment processing within SEPA countries - the receiver receives the payment no later than the next business day
  • Simplified payment and direct debit files submission in compliance with ISO 20022 - unified payment and direct debit files formats for all banks prepared to receive SEPA payments and SEPA direct debits
  • In one pain.001 SEPA payment file you can submit transactions within SLSP to other Slovak as well as foreign banks which are prepared for SEPA Credit Transfer
  • Simplified electronic statement management for other Slovak banks' accounts with regards to the unified structure
  • A new SEPA payment (or direct debit) parameter for easier pairing of your transactions and your accountancy items - Payer's reference:

35 alphanumeric characters (with regards to approved characters)

These data can be filled out in accordance with the convention agreed upon by Slovak banks to keep the payment symbols in the payment file pain.001

in the field EndToEndId:


Filling out the Payer's Reference in this structure enables problem-free transaction processing from the statement even in the old format on the Payer's or the Payee's side.