VISA Business Charge payment card

Secure corporate money always available

  • cash at the ready without specified a purpose
  • possibility to apply for VAT refunds on foreign payments

Benefits of VISA Business Charge card

  • secure embossed debit card for entrepreneurs and companies,
  • 3 year card validity,
  • possibility to apply for a VAT refund on foreign payments,
  • cash deposits free of charge in ATM,
  • unlimited number of payments in shops and via internet,
  • interest free period up to 31 days,
  • free cash withdrawal at our ATMs and ERSTE ATMs abroad,
  • contactless payments for quick purchasing,
  • discounted travel insurance for cardholders,
  • no need to document purpose,
  • overview of payments through George, Business24SMS notification and at ATMs,
  • withdrawal of up to 3000 € daily, in addition to 3000 € daily limit for cashless payments,
  • withdraw cash at ATMs or via the Cash back service.

How does one get the VISA Business card?

Clients of our Business Centre, who are entrepreneurs or legal entities can obtain the VISA Business card.